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Suzhou Huatong Compound Materials Co.,Ltd was established in 2009. Suzhou Huatong is high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province China, specializing in the professional study, produce and sales of new energy-saving conductor material -- copper clad aluminum busbar. Suzhou Huatong covers an area of 0.21 km². Annual output of CCA busbar is 180,000 tons and it shall replace 360,000 tons copper busbar and shall save 279,000 tons copper every year. Suzhou Huatong self developed leading technology automatic CCA busbar production line around world in 2011 and has the ability of producing more than 390 sizes CCA busbar with width 30~200mm and thickness 2.8~20mm.

The predecessor of Suzhou Huatong is Beijing Huabei Huatong Electric Co.,Ltd founded in 1993. Beijing Huabei Huatong Electric Co.,Ltd was large factory to produce copper busbar and aluminum busbar and was one of the national standard GB5585 “Copper or aluminum and its alloy bus bars for electrical purposes” drafters. Beijing Huabei Great Wall Busway Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003 and Suzhou Huatong Compound Materials Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009. Huatong company set up a technical team in 2006 and researched copper clad aluminum busbar technology development and application technology research. Huatong company  successfully developed new energy-saving conductor material -- copper clad aluminum busbar which could substitute copper busbar in China in December 2007. CCA busbar production line was built in 2008 and began to manufacture in a large scale and put into market application then.

Beijing Huabei Great Wall Busway Co.,Ltd was established in 2003 and research, produce and sell new-type aluminum-magnesium alloy shell busway. Model number is CCX168, reliable and cost-effective. Beijing Huabei Great Wall Busway company participated in drafting busway national standard GB7251.2. Great Wall Busway company was selected by Beijing Water Cube, National Conference Center, Subway of Birds Nest and Digital building etc eight Olympic projects in 2008 and gained the certificates of “Beijing 2008 Olympic Green Building Outstanding Enterprise” and “Beijing 2008 Olympic Excellent Product” issued by the State Ministry of Construction. In the same year, Beijing Huabei Great Wall Busway company successfully developed new energy-saving CCA busway CCX168SJ. There are mainly five series Busways:  CCXF168SJ Air Insulated Busway, CCXM168SJ Compact Insulated Busway, CCXNH168SJ Fire-Resistant Busway, GFMSJ-6~35kV Non-Segregated Phase Busbar and CCXFD168SJ CCA Wind Power Busway. The conductor materials of each series busway all use CCA busbar produced in Suzhou Huatong. HT CCA busway has been carefully developed and tested and has applied for patents and proprietary intellectual property rights, with reliable performance, low cost and high price ratio. HT CCA busway has been used more than six years in hundreds of projects, which operated safely and reliably and got high praise from users.

Under great support from several national industry sectors, HT copper clad aluminum busbar passed the inspections from three authorized institutions including “National Center of Analysis and Testing for Non-ferrous Metals & Electronic Materials”, “China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Electrical Control and Distribution on Equipment (CCDT)” and “Machinery Industry Quality Supervision and Test Center for Electrical and Special Wire & Cable”. Huatong company passed Bond Strength Life Test (100 times 0℃~200℃thermal expansion and contraction stress destruction test ) and Working Life Test (1000 times thermal cycling fatigue life test) and also was responsible for drafting CCA Busbar Electric, Machinery and Energy Industry standards. Huatong company passed CQC certificate and CECC certificate.

China Electrical Equipment Industry Association organized joint-design on GCK2 low-voltage switchgear (in 2008), 24kV substation (in 2010) and new energy-saving busway (in 2011) and HT CCA Busbar was the selected conductor.

HT copper clad aluminum busbar obtained “National Key New Product Certificate” which was issued by four ministries jointly of National Science and Technology Ministry, Environment Protection Ministry, Commerce Ministry and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Ministry in 2012.

Suzhou Huatong and China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research co-edited “Copper clad Aluminum Busbar” Reference Atlas in 2013. Suzhou Huatong carried out CCA busbar design work together with national machinery, metallurgy, construction etc. eight designing institutes to specify CCA busbar selection.

Copper clad aluminum material application and promotion conference was held in Suzhou on 11 April 2014. The conference was hosted by National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Raw Material Industry Division and undertaken by Suzhou Huatong.

To promote CCA busbar and regulate its quality, China Quality Certification Center organized Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute, Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Academy, Tianjin Research Institute of Electric Science, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Suzhou Huatong Compound Materials Co.,Ltd, Xiamen ABB Electric Control Equipment Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Siemens Electric Co.,Ltd and CHINT Group to study Implication Specification for CCA Busbar used in Low-voltage switchgear equipments in June 2014. The research results was gotten experts’ identification on 20 November 2014. China Quality Certification Center issued “Technical Control Requirements for CCC Certificate Copper clad aluminum busbar used in low-voltage switchgear equipments” and “Implication specification for Copper clad aluminum busbar used in low-voltage switchgear equipments” CQC-5TR-C01-2014 on 1 December 2014. This will help to promote CCA busbar implication in low-voltage switchgear equipments and guide the companies to reduce manufacturing cost and realize “saving copper with aluminum”.

HT CCA busbar has been used in large – scale within China, but also sold to more than twenty countries and districts such as Indonesia, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, Japan, India, Australia, Kenya, Iran, Korea, etc..