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How Much Do You Know About Busbar? 2012-09-29
 In the modern society, more and more high-rise buildings and large-scale factories come into being so as to match up the rapid development of every walk of life. As the result, the power consumption has been increased tempestuously and traditional electric cables cannot bear the larger electric current any more. Then, a brand-new type, busbar, is born at the right moment.
What is busbar? Briefly, the so-called busbar is the link of voltage power distribution units in different levels. It is often made from bare conductor or stranded conductor with rectangle or circle cross section. Generally speaking, the busbar plays a core role in converging, distributing and conveying electrical energy. Meanwhile, the suitable range of frequency, rated current and rated voltage are 50-60Hz, 630A-5000A and 1V-600V respectively. Such larger ranges decide its large application scale, including low-voltage distribution system of industrial factory buildings and mines, as well as power-supply system of high-rise blocks, public house and hospital. What is more, in order to satisfy different requirements of different fields, the busbar has various subtypes, such as copper clad aluminium busbar, copper bus, steel-cored aluminium strand, isolated phase bus, square busar or tubular bus and so on.
However, when it comes to busbar selection, some tips should be born in mind. After all, the busbar in high quality and good performance will improve the security largely. The following will give some important suggestion on such an issue.
The intensity of enduring short circuit comes very first, which means the ability of bearing the electric current when the power distribution system is caught by the short circuit. It is one of the most important technical parameters in making sure the safety. It is similar to all of the switches that have the breaking capacity. Thus, selecting the busbar reasonably plays a key role in the whole electrical system.
Fireproof time and standard of fire-resistant busbar also should pay special attention to. Generally speaking, when the temperature is between 950℃ and 1000℃, the fire-resistant time should be more than 90 minutes. As to the standard, it should meet the national standard GB7251.2. Such a kind of busbar is widely applied to electric power transmission trunk line of emergency supply, fire-protection pump supply and generator, which can guarantee the integrity of electric power transmission and normal power supply of emergencies.
In addition, choosing a better bus duct is also necessary. Usually, the bus duct should have dustproof and waterproof function so as to avoid the short circuit. At the same time, temperature rise of bus duct also should be taken into consideration, which can ensure the current-carrying ability of busbar.