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How to Make Appropriate Choices of Busbars 2012-10-08
Busbar is the rectangular or circular cross section bare wire which is used as voltage connection of various levels of power distribution equipment and as connection of electric equipments and corresponding distribution device such as transformers. The roles of busbars are connecting, distributing and transmitting electricity, and different kinds of busbars should all serve for the basic functions of them. Generally, busbars could be divided into soft ones and hard ones, which are determined by the materials of them.
Huge power is contained in the busbar when it is operated and the busbar bears lots of heat and electricity power when it suffers from short circuit. Therefore we must make reasonable .Busbar selection on the materials, section shape and cross-sectional area which are in accordance with the safe and economic requirements on busbars. Busbar selection process is quite important since different kinds of busbars have different functions and advantages, which could serve for different purposes.
Copper bus is one of the most common busbars, but in most countries, copper products are much more expensive than aluminium products so that many people choose aluminium buses instead of copper ones. But nobody would deny that copper bus is thinner so that it has better current carrying capacity. Though copper busbar is relatively expensive, it is still widely used since it really functions well in electricity transmission and resistivity. Copper bus has better corrosion resisting capability, which also relieves us on the safety of the busbar. Therefore, copper busbar should be used to satisfy high requirements in terms of electricity transmission and so on.
Aluminium busbar could also be used to serve most circumstances. It is lighter than copper bus and it is very convenient to be connected due to the light weight. Aluminum busbar has larger resistivity than copper busbars, yet the electricity transmitting function of it is poorer than copper busbars. Compared with copper busbars, aluminium busbars are cheaper, so that many people would like to use them because they could also serve for their personal desires.
Many people make use of aluminum clad instead of copper clad. In fact, in many conditions, it is not regarded as a wise choice. Aluminum clad could not successfully bear the electricity transmitting burden. On the contrary, accidents may be caused due to insufficient electricity transmitting capability of aluminum clad. Therefore it is really necessary to choose appropriate busbars of different materials according to specific conditions.