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Wide Application and Top Selection Tips on Busbar 2012-10-18
With the fast development of modern engineering facilities and equipments, the power consumption of all walks of life is increasing rapidly, especially those high-rise buildings and large-scale workshop. Therefore, the traditional electric cables cannot meet the need of heavy-current transport system. Then, the brand-new busbar emerges as the times need. The following will give the comprehensive introduction on the so-called busbar.
In the very beginning, what is the busbar? In fact, it is a kind of connection of voltage power distribution unit, transformer and other electric accessories. Generally speaking, the section of busbar often turns to rectangle or round. In short, its function lies in collecting, distributing and transporting electric energy. Based on different standard, the busbar can be divided into various types. Concretely speaking, there are mainly three types. Hard busbar is the first type, which includes rectangle busbar, channel busbar and tubular busbar. Soft busbar has such subtypes as copper clad aluminium busbar, copper bus, aluminum busbar and expanding hollow core conductor. Enclosed busbar is the last type and it has nonsegregated phase busbar and isolated phase bus.
As to the property of busbar, it adopts copper bar or aluminum bar, which paves the way for high-density electric current, low electric resistance and surface action and no need of decreasing capacity. Low voltage means the low power consumption. When it comes to the electric cable, the cable core is the multi-strand thin copper wire. Thus, its root acreage is much bigger than the busbar with the same current. In the end, the skin effect can be avoided and the electric current rated value has been increased. What is more, the energy loss of circuits can be saved a lot and the ageing problem also can be delayed. In the meantime, the enclosed metal shell of bus duct can protect the busbar from being damaged by machineries or animals. Adopting the plug-in unit in the electric distribution system improves the security property. Of course, the power supply must be cut off during the installation course.
As to the busbar selection, several aspects should be taken into consideration. Protection grade comes very first, which implies the dustproof and waterproof performance index. It is because the low protection grade will cause the short circuit resulting from dust and water. Temperature is one of key technical parameters, which makes sure the current-carrying ability of busbar and also has direct relationship with the loss of electric energy, voltage drop, service life and fire accident. Protective instrument also should be born in mind, which can supervise the whole electric system so as to make sure the safe operation.