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Aluminum Busbar VS the Copper Busbar 2012-10-26

As we all know, the copper material and the aluminum material are both conductor materials. They are widely used in our daily lives in conducting electricity. However, we can easily find that the copper is more popular in the equipment for power transmission and distribution. It is obviously that the aluminum busbar is cheaper and lighter. What is more, the reserves of the aluminum busbars are larger than the copper busbars. Why people use the copper material more? Can we just replace the copper by using the aluminum?
Actually, the answer is "No". The busbar selection is not an easy process. People have to try countless times and get the correct answer. They find that the copper busbars are more suitable for conducting electricity.
Though the aluminum busbars have a lot of good points, people find that they have a deadly trait. That is the surface of the aluminum busbars can be easily oxidised. If we use the aluminum busbars, the electrical safety cannot be assured. In this case, it is very dangerous for us to use the aluminum busbars to conduct electricity.
However, a lot of people begin to query about the copper clad aluminium busbar. Actually, this is a kind of new invention. Since aluminum has a lot of good points, we should not give up using it. It is rather cheap, and we can save a lot of prime cost. People find that the surface of the copper busbars cannot be oxidised, so they choose to clad the aluminum by using the copper. In this case, the alumium cannot get in touch with the air and cannot be oxidised easily. At the same time, they can conduct electricity for us.
By using the copperclad aluminium busbar, we can really save a lot of money. The copper can protect the aluminum busbar, and the alumium busbar can conduct electricity for us easily. With the help of them, we can enjoy powerful electricity safely with less money. At the same time, we can save a lot of natural resources.
In a word, we can see that the copper clad aluminium busbar is really a very good choice for us. We should make full use of them since they are so powerful and cheap. It is a great pleasure for us to make full use of different natural resources and at the same time bring us a lot of convenience.