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Can Aluminium Busbar Take Place of Copper Busbars? 2012-10-30

Busbars play an important role in the electricity system. The busbars are responsible for collecting, distributing and transmitting the electric currents. When the busbar works, there is huge electric energy going through the busbar. The role of the busbar can not be too emphasized because it can make sure the safety of the electric system, especially when there is short cut. The copper is the first and best choice of material of the busbar currently. And the copper busbars are more popular.
In order to make sure the safety of the electricity system, you need to pay more attention to the busbar selection. Nowadays, aluminium busbars are not that often used in the electricity system compared with copper busbars. Do you know why?
<strong>The reasons of the unpopularity of aluminium busbar in busbar selection</strong>
Though the aluminium also has striking merits itself, such as light weight, low price and its resource is richer than that of copper, it is still not often used as the raw material of busbar for the reasons listen as follows.
First of all, the strength of the aluminium busbar can hardly be guaranteed. On the one hand, the aluminium itself is not strong enough in nature. The strength of the aluminium is not as strong as that of the steel and copper. On the other hand, if the aluminium busbar is used in the open air in large quantities, it is prone to be broken down due the long distance and the influence of strong wind, snow even heavy rains. Since the fragile property of the aluminium, it is not proper to be used as the material of busbar.
Secondly, the aluminium will have the oxidation effect in the practical use. Though pure aluminium will have a protecting layer after the effect of axidation, in the practical utilization, there are impurities in the aluminium, thus it is easy for the aluminium to be corrosive and can not be used again. That will definitely affect the working of the electric system in the long run.
Thirdly, the aluminium has high attrition rate in terms of energy consumption. On average, the electricity conductivity of the aluminium is only about sixty percent of that of cooper. That is why cooper busbars is more used and popular in the market of busbars.
In a word, the aluminium is not suitable to be used as the raw material of busbars. However, with the development of science and technology of aluminium and copper, the copper clad aluminium busbar comes into being in the market, which gathers the merits of copper and aluminium as one.