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Extensive Applicaton of Copper Cad Aluminium Busbar 2012-11-07

Copper and aluminum are the conductor material. In the power transmission, copper busbars are more used than aluminum busbars. Although aluminum busbars have low price, light quality and high reserves, aluminum busbars can't replace copper busbars. Because the appearance of aluminum busbars is easily oxidized, they will affect the safety of power supply. So the busbar selection becomes more and more important, in order to replace copper busbar and aluminum busbar, the copper clad aluminium busbar appears.
The copper clad aluminium busbar is a new type of conductor material. It combines high-quality and stability of conductive properties of the copper with low cost energy of the aluminum, so the copper clad aluminium busbar can take place of the pure copper busbar. The proportion of copper is 40%, while the aluminum accounts for 60%. The conductive rate and intensity of the copper clad aluminium busbar is higher than that of aluminium, and it is easy to solder. The appearance of the aluminum generates easily oxide film, and it has low intensity, poor conductivity and hard weld. The copper and aluminum materials can make up for the shortcomings of aluminum and save the copper.
There are many advantages in the copper clad aluminium busbar. It has good electrical conductivity, light weight, good mechanical properties, solid copper and aluminum combination, good scalability and reliability and so on. Two kinds of different metals under various environmental temperatures reach the permanent atomic crystal binding, and the layer of the copper is evenly distributed, there is no physical defect. And it will save the copper materials, lower the cost of production, protect the environment, and no pollution.
The new type of conductor materials is widely used in industry. The copper clad aluminium busbar can replace the copper busbars and aluminum busbars, and it is widely used in automation metallurgy, the electrical appliances of high and low voltage, construction industry and metallurgical industry, such as the fuse, RF shielding net and the stranded wire. These products use the composite material technology of double metal, and the technology is very advanced. These products have stable quality and reliable performance, and they are high-technology energy-saving products.
With the development of the society and the science, the technology in industry becomes more and more advanced. The development of the technology brings more convenience for the industry; the application of copper clad aluminium busbar will be more and more extensive. I believe that the copper clad aluminium busbar will be replaced by other conductor materials in the future.