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Superior Advantages and Specific Application of CCA Busbar 2012-12-10


Copper clad aluminium busbar is also known as CCA busbar today. In most cases, the vast majority of people tend to use CCA busbar to refer to copper clad aluminium busbar. Probably you have ever heard of copper busbar and aluminum bus bar. In some cases, some people, probably including you even have been pretty familiar with copper busbar and aluminum bus bar. But, have you ever heard of CCA busbar or CCA wire before? In fact, copper clad aluminium wire features a number of obvious advantages over other types of wires and cables. Here we shall lead you to get to know more about CCA wire, especially the superior advantages and specific application of CCA wire from the following three aspects.
To begin with, it's necessary for us to get to know the definition and structure of CCA busbar at the very beginning. As far as the definition of copper clad aluminum wire is concerned, we generally define it as a type of busbar made of copper clad aluminum. Thus, we can easily predict that CCA busbar is a particular type of busbar which is made of copper clad aluminum. Basically CCA wire consists of aluminum core and a layer of copper that covers the outer surface of aluminum core.
Secondly, it should be noted that CCA wire enjoys several attractive advantages. Just as mentioned above, CCA wire is made of both copper and aluminum. For this reason, CCA busbar is equipped with a great many attractive advantages over other types of cables. To be specific, CCA wire not only features excellent electrical conducting capacity but also enjoys the most attractive advantage of light weight. In addition, compared with other types of cables, CCA wire is also much cheaper. Apart from these, CCA wire together with CCA busbar is also equipped with excellent anti-oxidization performance and corrosion-resistant performance. Most importantly, CCA wire features such obvious advantages as relatively high tensile strength, high flexibility and high extensibility, etc.
In the end, it's equally necessary for us to take a look at the specific application of copper clad aluminum wire. Thanks to its superior properties and attractive advantages, CCA wire has been widely applied to many industries, such as the electricity industry, electric appliance industry and construction & engineering industry, etc. To be specific, CCA wire is primarily used to manufacture different types of audio cables, video cables and high frequency cables. What's more, more and more enterprises have begun to use CCA wire to substitute for copper bus bar which is extremely expensive right now.