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Bus Bar, a Brand-New Electricity-Distribution Wire 2012-12-20

In our modern times, large-quantity electric current delivery is demanded. Then, the electrical bus bar emerges as the times require. The bus bar, in fact, is a kind of connect in the power distribution unit of electric power substation. In the meantime, it also plays a bridge role some electric equipments and the transformer is one of the typical examples. In short, the main function of bus bar is to collect, distribute and deliver electric power.
Plug-in type bus bar is divided into three-phase four-tire system and five-wire system, which is suitable for the frequency between 50Hz-60Hz, the rated current between 630A-5000A and rated voltage under 660V. Such a type is widely applied to the power-supply system of residential building, public house and hospital, and low-voltage power-distribution system, of industrial factory building and mining. In addition, several different types of bus bars have come into being in order to satisfy various occasions, such as copper bus, CCA busbar, busbar channel, tubular bus, isolated phase bus, no segregated phase bus and aluminum cable steel reinforced.
The bus duct is the closest partner of the bus bar, which is, actually, a bus system that is made up of metal protective casing, electric conduction bar, insulation material and some related accessories. In the power-supply system of high-rise buildings, power line and illuminating line are separating from each other. The bus duct acting as the truck line in power-supply system can be installed along the interior wall vertically. According to the insulating methods, the bus duct can be divided into three main types, inkling air-type bus duct, intensive insulation bus duct and high-intensity closed bus duct. The first type adopts sheet copper as the adapter connector, which is suitable for the comparatively dry region, or the connector will be caught by oxidation. If adopting the second type, the heat dissipation and moisture proof measures should be taken so as to make sure the normal working efficiency. The third type enjoys such merits as convenient maintenance, low power consumption, thermal stability, compact structure, small size and steady operation. Therefore, it has become the most popular type in the current, especially in many high-rise buildings.
The last but not the least, the electrical industry belongs to high-risk area, especially in the power supply and distribution fields. Thus, high quality and safe products are must. Then, the reliable and credible bus bar manufacturer is very important. With the rapid development in science and technology, the more advanced bus bar will come out in the near future.