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Top Four Advantages of Buss Bar 2013-01-31


When it comes to the buss bar, it is one of electrical appliances that can transmit power energy and collect as well as distribute the electricity. Generally speaking, the bussbar is often made from aluminum material and copper bar that enjoys high conductivity. Nowadays, it has been the main guide wire of power station or converting station. Based on such a basbar, the electric energy output from electric generator, transformer and rectifier can be delivered to every user and other electric power substations. Then, here comes a question. What advantages does basbar have when compared with traditional electric cables? The following will give detailed explanation on such a question.


Higher performance comes very first. The adopted aluminum bar or copper bar has big electric current density, small electric resistance and low surface action. Therefore, it doesn't need to reduce the volume. Meanwhile, the low electric voltage means the low energy consumption, which can save investment of users. However, the traditional cables would like to turn to multi-strand thin copper wires, whose strand area is much bigger than buss bars. As the result, the skin effect is quite serious, which decreases the rate electric current value and increases the voltage drop. Then, the energy loss of wire is quite huge and the wire itself is easy to be ageing.


Better security is the second aspect. The metal enclosed case of bus duct can prevent bus bar from machinery injury. In the power-distribution system, the adopted plug-in unit installation also improves the usage safety. At the same time, the casing can realize the whole ground connection and such a form is quite reliable. Nevertheless, the power source should be cut off when installing the traditional cables. Once the installation mistake happens, the result is unbearable to contemplate.


More optimized circuit is also worth to mention. Based on the bus duct, some circuit branches can be merged and transformed it into a big bus duct relying on jack box. Such a channel can simplify the electrical system and save the engineering construction cost. When it comes to the traditional cable, it will make the electrical system more complicated, bulky and difficult to maintain. Thus, the engineering cost and installation space have been wasted.


Larger expandability means higher utilization rate. The system expandability of bus bar can be realized by adding or changing some parts of circuits. However, traditional cables cannot be made use of again because of different lengths and circuits. The only way to expand the system of tradition cable is to replace the old one.