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Major Characteristics and Attractive Advantages of Busbar 2013-03-01
Nowadays busbar is widely used in different types of electrical apparatuses such as substations, switchboards, distribution boards and high capacity battery pack, etc. Busbar is also known as bussbar or buss bar today. Generally speaking, a busbar is mainly used to conduct electricity in the above-mentioned electrical apparatuses. Currently, bussbars coexist with the conventional type of cable. However, busbar has been enjoying increasing popularity these days. Now that it is the case, we are supposed to spend some time to get to know more about bussbar. Here we shall mainly take a look at the major characteristics and attractive advantages of busbar from the following three perspectives.
Firstly, it's necessary for us to get to know the definition and classification of buss bars. As far as the definition of buss bar is concerned, we generally define it as a very small metal strip or bar that is designed particularly to conduct electricity in all types of electrical apparatuses. Generally speaking, buss bars can be classified into several different categories according to that of material. For instance, there are copper buss bars, brass buss bars and aluminum buss bars, etc. Of course, buss bars also can be divided into several different groups based on shape. For example, there are rectangular busbars, grooved busbars and tubular busbars, etc.
Secondly, much attention should be paid to the major characteristics of buss bar. It must be admitted that buss bar reveals a number of distinguishing characteristics. To be specific, the vast majority of buss bars are made of such metal materials as copper, brass and aluminum. In addition, buss bar is also equipped with relatively good waterproof performance. For this reason, all types of buss bars can be used both indoors and outdoors. At the same time, buss bar is also equipped with excellent insulation property. This is because buss bar is usually coated with insulation materials. Of course, it should be noted that all types of buss bars have to greatly depend on busbar switches.
Finally, the emphasis here lies on the attractive advantages of bussbar. Indeed, bussbar also enjoys several most attractive advantages over the conventional cable. Compared with the conventional cable, bussbar not only offers higher reliability and higher stability but also helps reduce the occurrence of frequent short circuit. Most importantly, buss bar is able to provide us with better heat dissipation performance. Of course, compared with the conventional cable which usually comes in pretty complicated design, buss bar also adopts simpler design, which makes related electrical apparatus maintenance much easier.