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Bus Bar: Ideal Solution to Large Current Transmission 2013-03-26
The bus bar which is usually used to connect voltage distribution equipments or connect electric equipments with voltage distribution equipments is a kind of bare conductor with circular or rectangular section and it plays roles of collection, distribution and transmission. In recent years, with the development of the modern equipments and projects, power consumption increases rapidly. And that leads to the increment of the current circulating through electric cable. The traditional cable is unable to meet the requirements of the industry development. Then the electrical bus bar emerges as the times require.
Generally, the bus bar has a variety of classifications. According to the material, it can be classified into copper bus and aluminium bus. And it can also be classified into hard bus bar, soft bus and enclosed bus bar, among which, the hard bus bar is divided further into rectangular bus bar, groove bus bar and tubular bus bar and the soft bus bar includes copper stranded wire, aluminium stranded wire, steel reinforced aluminium conductor.
The electrical bus bar takes an important part in power transmission and each kind bus bar has its own application field. The soft bus bar is used commonly in outdoor distribution equipment of which the voltage is usually is above 35kV. On the contrary, the hard bus bar is applied mainly in indoor distribution equipment of which the voltage is usually is below 35kV. The applications and features of hard bus bars vary with the different shapes. The rectangular bus bar that is the most commonly used has the advantages of good heat dissipation, low skin effect and simple installation and it allows a larger current because the rectangle has larger perimeter and area than other shapes with same materials. The groove bus bar is the best choice when the current flowing through the bus bar is very large owing to its low skin effect, high mechanical strength and material utilization.
In recent years, more attentions are paid to a new kind bus bar - CCA busbar that is copper clad aluminum bus bar, which takes aluminum as core and bonds copper on external layer. The copper has the excellent conducting property and the aluminum has low cost and stable performance. The CCA busbar made from copper and aluminum combines the features of copper and aluminum successfully and now most products of cable industry are made from this material. Certainly, its extensive application is closely bound up the bus bar manufacturer which guarantees the market supply.