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Five Advantages of Electrical Bus Bar 2013-04-01
In the electric power system, the electrical bus bar is used to connect the current carrying branch circuit. It can converge, distribute and transmit electrical power. It becomes very popular with consumers. Currently, it nearly replaces the cable, and has been widely used in the electric power system.
Why is it so popular? Its advantage is as follows:
1 It is expandable.
The busbar can be added or changed, so if you want to expand the power system, what you need to do is to change or add some parts, so it can be used repeatedly. As for the electric cable, you can't do it like this because the length of the cable in each part is different. If you want to expand the power system, you need to replace the old one.
2 It can optimize the circuit.
Through using the bus duct, you can merge some duplexure, and you can put the jack box into the bus duct. By doing so, you simplify the electric power system. However, if you use the electric cable, the power system will be complicated and large.
3 It is safe.
The metal closed shell of the bus duct can protect the bus bar from being harmed by mechanics or animals. What's more, when you install the power distribution system, you need to insert the unit into it. Meanwhile, the shell is ground connected wholly, which makes the bus bar very safe to use. As for the cable, its PVC shell is prone to be hurt by mechanics and animals. When you install the cable, you need to cut power first. If you do it wrongly, it will be very dangerous for you.
4 It has better property.
Currently, the bus bar type made by the bus bar manufacturer includes the copper bus, aluminum bus and CCA busbar. All these types have big electric current but small electric resistance, so there is no need for you to use them by decreasing their electric capacity.
5 It is easy to install.
The bus bar consists of many parts, and every part is short and light. Therefore, it can be installed quickly by a few people. Meanwhile, its structure can reduce the using space so that more space can be saved. The saved space can be rented out or used as the public place. As for the cable, it is not the case. It is very complicated to install the cable because the single cable is very heavy. When it is installed, many people are needed to cooperate with one another, and it can't be completed within a short time.