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Advantages of Buss Bars Over Traditional Cables 2013-04-15
Now the high requirement of electricity and voltage transmission set by high rise building or skyscraper has pushed the fast development and updating of cables and wires. For safe transmission of high voltage and huge electricity, many new products have been applied, such as basbar or buss bars. The application of buss bar has solved many problems in the safe and stable electric power transmission. Just like the traditional cables or wires, the buss bar is used for power distribution or electricity transmission, allocation for those electrical devices, especially the large scale electric equipment. But, compared with the traditionally applied wire or cable, buss bar is much preferred and in even greater application. Then why? Actually, buss bars do have many advantages over the traditional wires or cables. Now, let's have a further look.
As far as the structure and installation of the two kinds of cables are concerned, the traditional ones impress us by messy scattered bundles of cables and the cables may easily get mixed and seem very hard to be installed very quickly. However, the buss bar just brings us neatness, with wires in the buss bar being arranged and compacted. The messy traditional wires just can cause more errors and even have some safety threats. We know that the bus bar is composed of several short and lightweight sectional parts. With every sectional buss bar being installed by a few personnel, the buss bar can work in a very short time. Besides, the sandwich structure of the buss bar can help save a lot of space. For the installation of traditional wires, it needs more materials and manpower because of the messiness of the wires.
Then the excellent performance of busbar just helps explain why buss bar is preferred to traditional cable. Some of the bus bars such as copper bar, aluminum bar or copper aluminum buss bar have very superior skin effect, tiny electric resistance and even very large current density, thus the application of bus bar can ensure very little electricity loss or consumer electricity cost. For the traditional cable used to transmit electricity, it may waste much more electricity since the skin effect is very prominent whereby the voltage increases while the electric current decreases. Great performance of buss bar even makes it possible to work stably in very poor conditions. Besides, the life span of bus bar is thought to be many years longer than that of traditional cables.
Besides, bus bar is much more extensible. The sectional parts of bus bar can be increased or decreased in number very easily. If there is a need to expand the length of the bus bar, the operators just need to add a few sectional parts of bus bar. But if the traditional cables are not long enough, there is a need to replace the original ones with longer cables. Besides, the bus bar can be recycled if certain sectional parts of the whole bus bar fail to work; the replacement of the failure sectional parts is enough.
Though the bus bar surpasses traditional cables in many aspects, they can still not totally replace the traditional cables in certain application. For complex power transmission or distribution, bus bar is obviously better choice.