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Comprehensive Introduction on Advantages of Bussbar 2013-04-22
Comprehensive Introduction on Advantages of Bussbar 

In our modern society, with the continuous appearances of high-rise buildings and large-scale industries, 

the huge electricity transmission is required. Then, various buss bars come into being when the times 

need. In brief, the main mission of basbar is to gather, deliver and distribute the electric power. Then, 

you may ask a question. What unique superiorities does buss bar have if it is compared with traditional 

cable? Concretely speaking, five aspects can make clear such a question.


Convenient installation comes very first. The bussbar is made of several sections and every section is 

short and light. Thus, the installation just asks for a few personnel and can be finished quickly.

 Meanwhile, buss bar has many standard components and inventories, which can save a lot of time.

 Besides, the close-knit sandwich structure also can reduce much more electrical space so as to make 

way for more space as the commercial use. However, when it comes to the installation of traditional 

cable, it will consume more manpower and material resources because of the heavy weight and large 



Excellent performance is the second aspect. The used copper bar or aluminum has small electric 

resistance and skin effect, and large current density, which paves the way for low voltage drift. After all,

 the low voltage drift means small energy loss and low consumer investment cost. As to the traditional

 cable, the cable core is multi-strand thin copper wire, which decides the larger root area. Thus, the skin

 effect is quite obvious, the rated electric current value decreases and the voltage drop increases. As 

the result, the cable will fever seriously and the energy loss of circuit will be much heavier.


Perfect extensibility is also one of outstanding advantages of buss bar. The system extensibility of 

bussbar can be accomplished by adding or altering several sections. That is to say, it enjoys much higher

 use ratio. When the extensibility applies to the traditional cable, it has no choice but renew the old 

system, which is because of the bulky size.


Safety is also worth to mention. As we all know the electrical field is high-risk and human safety always 

comes very first. The bus duct contains the whole bussbar system, which is protected by a metal and

 enclosed casing. Such a casing can protect the bussbar from outside damages effectively. In the 

meantime, the stable and reliable earth connection of buss bar also improves the safety during the 

concrete operations.