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Different Types of Bus Bars and Relevant Use Tips 2013-07-26

The bus bar was a very great invention in the 20th century. But it is not so widely used until 21st century because a large amount of electricity is used both for industrial applications and commercial applications. The large amount of electricity consumption in different industries including automobile industry, construction industry, manufacturing industry, etc. and commercial high-rise buildings requires the use of bus bar for electricity use safety and stability. The bus bars provided by the bus bar manufacturer are used to substitute the traditional cable to meet the new requirement. The bus bar is used for collecting, distributing and transmitting the electrical power to different circuits for different applications.
The bus bars manufactured by the bus bar manufacturer are available in different types. They can be divided into copper bus bars, aluminum bus bars and CCA busbar. The copper bus bars are able to provide the best electricity distribution and transmission performance, but they are very high in price. They are very commonly adopted by the enterprises with extremely large electricity consumption. The aluminum bus bars are ranked second to the copper bus bars, and they have good performance. The aluminum bus bars are much lower in price, but they are not competitive with the copper bus bars in other aspects except the price. The CCA busbar is newly developed by combining the advantages of the copper busbars and aluminum busbars. The CCA busbas has the structure that aluminum core is coated with copper so as to maintain the best performance while the cost can be lowered.
The electrical bus bars are also available in hard bus bars and soft bus bars according to the structures designed by the bus bar manufacturer. The hard bus bars are mainly used for the main transformer inside the power distribution room. They have the advantages of easy installation, little change during operation, large current loading capacity, etc. but at the same time, they are high in manufacturing cost. The soft bus bars are very commonly used outdoors and they have the advantages of convenient installation and low manufacturing cost.
No matter what type of the bus bar is, the bus bar has requirements for use and maintenance. The bus bars must be carefully chosen according to their materials, sectional areas and sectional shapes so as to meet the safe and economic requirements. The bus bars should be cleaned regularly because pollution on the bus bars can greatly influence their working performance. Having good understanding about the types, the right selection and maintenance methods of the bus bars is very necessary.