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Features of Bus Bar Made of Different Materials 2013-08-09
It is widely acknowledged that our society is now entering an era when high technological products come to be the commonly accepted feature of improvements. And every day scientists will try their best to work problems out to look for new products so as to make the human being life more efficient. Among all the indispensable products around us, the bus duct is undoubtedly one of the most useful ones and plays an important role in power transmission. So, for the selection of the bus bar materials, is there anything crucial to for us to take into consideration? Certainly there is.
Generally, materials which are widely used to make bus bar include aluminum and copper, and each of the two kinds have its own characteristics and are adopted in certain occasions according to the real situations together with their properties. So in modern society, these two kinds are widely produced by the bus bar manufacturers.
1. Aluminum Bus Bar
Currently aluminum bus bar enjoys great popularity in the bus bar market. You may find it curious and strange when it comes to the wide use and adoption of aluminum materials since they are very dear. To ease you worry and puzzle, I suggest you finding the answers in the properties of aluminum. It is true that aluminum is more expensive than iron or steel, the most commonly used metal in our society. But as for power transmission, the aluminum materials are the best choices. Light in weight, so aluminum can make the bus duct tiny and easy to install. Besides, aluminum bus bars posses perfect mechanical properties of being highly against corrosion and other threats like wind, sand, or insects. More importantly, they have strong capacities of excessive load so that long - distance installment can be guaranteed. And when compared to other materials, it is easy to maintain and the replacement job can be operated easily. Last but not least, aluminum bus bars have long service life up to 3 to 5 decades, far longer than other ones.
2. Copper Bus Bar
It is universally accepted that copper materials have come into daily use for a very long time and they have strong abilities for power transmission. So we don't have to feel strange when they are involved in industrial aspect to make bus bars. Copper bus bars enjoy high popularity among the users since copper possesses great mechanical and chemical properties. Being durable, firm, still and bending - resistant, copper materials are considerably adopted in engineering, transportation, energy and petrochemical industries. In addition to the physical performances, copper is always highly regarded as one of the best choices in power transmission for it is highly corrosion - resistant so when made into bus bars, the service life can be prolonged up to several decades. Owing to the above facts, copper soon become the backbone of making bus bars.
In a word, aluminum and copper bus bars have their own characteristics and we should select them accordingly. And in our society which is highly characterized by advanced technology, we should carry on our efforts to search for the new materials which can be used to deal with the constantly emerging problems.