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High Performance-Price Ratio of CCA Busbar 2013-08-16

The bus bar is widely used in the power supply and distribution systems for safe, stable and reliable power supply. The use of the busbar greatly enhances the safety of electricity by keeping the heat dissipated by electrical circuit within safe limits. Using the busbar can mitigate the risk of hazards caused by fire, and it can also save energy by reducing the energy loss in the electrical circuit. The advantages of the bus bar allow it to be widely used in different fields. The bus bar is made from different materials including copper, aluminum, copper-clad aluminum, aluminum plated with copper, etc. We will make a comparison among these materials to check which material is better.
The copper is very widely used as the bus bar material because of its superior electrical conductivity. In the very beginning of the 21st century, the price of the copper was low, and the busbar made of copper was very affordable. But the price of the copper has increased a lot due to the global need for copper. Therefore, the copper busbars do not have high performance-price ratio, and it is not cost effective to use the busbar made from pure copper.
The aluminum bus bar is very cost effective because the electrical conductivity of the aluminum is just ranked only second to copper. In order to ensure the performance of the aluminum bus bar, the manufactures have to use more aluminum to increase the volume and capacity of the conductors. Therefore, the size of the aluminum bus bar is larger. Some electrical distribution room is small, and the aluminum bus bar is not that suitable.
The bus bar can also be made from the aluminum plated with copper. The material is not high in price, and the users can afford the copper-plated aluminum busbars. The material has the defect that after the bus bar is used for a long time, the plated copper can be worn out, and the conductivity of the bus bar can be lowered. Therefore, the copper-clad aluminum is adopted. The CCA busbar is made by the method that a layer of copper with certain thickness is coated onto the aluminum wire. The price of the busbar is only raised a little, but the performance of the busbar is greatly enhanced. The CCA busbar has the highest performance-price ratio. All in all, the copper-clad aluminum is the most suitable material for manufacturing the busbar.