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Key Selection Criteria of Electrical Bus Bar: Material and Manufacturer 2013-08-30
Modern industrial production and construction have high requirement for the stable and reliable use of electricity, and the safe use of electricity is also highly required due to the modern safety regulations for factories and construction sites. The traditional cable with the disadvantages of ageing, fire potential, low overloading bearing capacity, etc. is gradually replaced by the newly developed electrical bus bar. The electrical bus bar provided by the bus bar manufacturers has the advantages of fire resistance, easy installation, stable and reliable power supply, use safety, etc. and therefore, it is widely used for industrial production and construction. When the users choose the bus bar, the users can consider the following tips.
The bus bar is mainly made from copper or aluminum. The copper bus bar manufacturers provide the information that the bus bar made of copper was in the similar price to that of the aluminum bus bar before the price of copper is increased by three times. At that time, the copper bus bar is more popular because it has better electricity conductivity. With the increasing price of copper, the aluminum bus bar suppliers seize the opportunity to develop aluminum bus bar. The price of the copper bus bar is three times of the aluminum bus bar when they are designed with the same performance. But the aluminum bus bar is larger than the copper one in volume due to its lower conductivity. If you have very high requirement and smaller space for the bus bar, the copper one is better, and vice versa.
The bus bar is available in different types, and they should be chosen according to the practical use requirements in the industrial production sites and construction sites. The type of bus bar is easy to choose by considering the requirements and price, and the bus bar with high performance-price ratio is from Suzhou Huatong Compound Materials Co., Ltd because they made the copper-clad aluminum bus bar. The quality of the bus bar requires some skills to tell. The qualifications and certificates achieved by the bus bar manufacturers can prove the quality of the bus bar to some extent. For example, the Suzhou Huatong is a manufacturer specialized in manufacturing bus bar by using copper and aluminum compound material, and the products from the manufacturer achieve global reputation in the quality of the bus bar.
The selection of the bus bar can directly determines the working efficiency of production or construction, and therefore, the bus bar should be careful chosen according to the needs and from reliable supplier.