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Tops Three Tips on Choosing Qualified Bus Bar 2013-09-06

Along with the rapid development of social engineering in the past few years, electrical bus bar has been playing a more and more important role in developing our society. Actually, the electrical bus bar can be seen everywhere even though many people are still not very familiar with it. So what is the bus bar exactly? In general, it is supposed to be a kind of wire used to connect voltage power distribution equipment in electric power substation. To put it simply, bus bar is mainly used to distribute and transmit power. Now, we should see how important the bus bar means to us in our modern life. You know, electricity consumption is getting higher than before. Only the bus bar can help power supply institutions to support such the high burden of power supply. So we are going to how to choose qualified bus bar in order to meet the huge demands.
First, Choose Bus Bar According to Conductor Materials
You know, there are basically two kinds of materials used to make conductor materials of the bus bar. One is copper bus bar, another one is aluminum bus bar. Each kind of these materials may have different effects. And the prices are also totally different. We should compare both price and material properties before placing an order from copper bus bar manufacturers.
Second, Choose Bus Bar According to Current Load
It is reported that the current load is the most basic and important factor that we need to notice. The load of voltage and current flow that different kinds of bus bars can support are completely different. In general, the bus bar with wider section usually has a longer service life and can support larger current load. Many aluminum bus bar suppliers suggested that when we choose the bus bar, we should better make sure that the actual maximum working current of the bus bar must be lower than the ultimate value that the selected bus bar section can support. Other wise, the whole electric current might be damaged due to excess load.
Third, Choose Bus Bar According to Environmental Conditions
In addition to the above factors, environmental conditions should be also taken into consideration. You know, sometimes, different environmental conditions could require completely different bus bar. In terms of this point, I suggest that we can ask the bus bar manufacturers for some suggestions in order to get the correct project. For example, the surroundings that have a requirement for anticorrosion must install fully enclosed resin bus bar. Also high level bus bar is needed on some special geographic positions, such as low-lying land.