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Analysis on Different Busbar Trunking Conductor Material 2013-09-13
Busbar trunking conductor material covers copper, aluminum, copper plating aluminum and cooper clad aluminum. At present, most busbar trunking manufacturers still adopt copper as trunking conductor major material for being influenced by old design idea or manufacturing specification. While, with the abundant increase of copper price in recent years, skyrocketing cost inevitably brings much impact on manufacturer market expansion. Combining reasonable assortment and price factor of market resource, it has become the development trend for busbar trunking conductor to develop from copper busbars material to aluminum busbars material.
Busbar trunking manufactured from aluminum conductor has gotten wide application. As well, its manufacturing technology and technique has been daily matured. For the reason of similar section shape between copper conductor and aluminum conductor, manufacturers can design and manufacture busbar trunking of aluminum conductor without changing much in original copper conductor structure. The emphasis here lies in improving manufacturing process such as conductor facial treatment so that it strengthens and protects aluminum conduct cladding material quality. Besides, it sets related construction installation equipment in addition. Except for this, that aluminum conductor busbar trunking has much advantage in technology and economy accounts for why it gets abundant promoted application.
Copper plating aluminum busbar. In the reality, most copper covering busbar trunking products are of copper plating aluminum. In later test, aluminum plating copper is inspected out to be of the case that aluminum can't plate copper directory. Only after conducting galvanization or other common metal process can it plates copper. Conductor after galvanization is detected to be of larger electricity resistance than that before treatment. Therefore, it shows copper plating aluminum conductor is better than aluminum bus bar in performance. When conduct assorts with electric closet, jack box should conduct technological treatment of copper and aluminum transition which doesn't share current carrying capability. Because plating is quite thin, direct connection from conduct to jack box is not permitted.
Copper covering aluminum busbar. CCA is to package a layer of copper outside aluminum. Since packaging layer is much thin, most current goes beneath facial layer. Only aluminum surface has a small part of current pass through. In recent years, CCA busbar begins application in some projects. But, it should be paid attention that whether two materials combination process in CCA conduct is dependable. If it is not well combined, there would bring up oxidation between copper and aluminum. With the increase of electricity resistance, busbar trunking current carrying capability declines naturally. Because aluminum inside CCA is used to make conductor, it shares part current load. This differs from that of copper transition technology in aluminum conduct described above.
In present marketing economic activities, it becomes all enterprises pursuing goal to enhance products market occupation rate and enterprises comprehensive competition power. Broad busbar trunking manufacturers, especially some large or middle scale brand enterprises would share product cost advantage to users. As the result, it saves heavy investment for broad engineering construction and saves abundant cherishing resource for society, making deserved contribution to construct saving-oriented social mainstream economy. Therefore, economic and proper conduct would bring a revolution to busbar trunking industry and pushes a new tide of development on it.