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How to Choose High Quality Bus Bar at Best Price 2013-10-25
The rapid development of industrial and social engineering has required increasing consumption of electricity and the safe use of electricity also becomes the concern. As the indispensable electricity transmission tool, the traditional cables, due to disadvantages in poor performance such as easily getting aged, low electricity load, etc, are gradually replaced by the much safety electricity transmission equipment - electrical bus bar.
The electrical bus bar has been widely used when the safe application standard of electricity has been improved. It is especially applied in high rise building and large scale manufacturing factories for transmitting and distributing high load of current safely and efficiently. The electrical bus bar is excellent in transmission of large load of current and voltage, fire resistance, safety coefficient, easy Installation, etc compared with the traditional cables. There are now many bus bar manufacturers for grabbing the large market share in the electricity industry. The increasing number of copper bus bar manufacturers or aluminum bus bar suppliers also brings confusion to consumers when they try to make the purchase decision. Then, how to choose high quality electrical bus bar at very affordable price?
The electrical bus bar is made of different materials, from copper, aluminum to CCA. Usually, the copper bus bar manufacturers produce copper bus bars at much higher cost than the aluminum bus bar. In this way, the aluminum bus bar is affordable in price yet the copper bus bar has much better conductive performance. But, the choice of CCA bus bar might help you avoid the choice between price and conductive performance since the CCA or copper clad aluminum inherits the excellent features of copper yet the manufacturing cost of the CCA is much lower than that of copper. Now, the CCA bus bar is much preferred. Usually, bus bar manufacturer that integrates the production of a variety of bus bars is much popular since the supplier can offer bus bars made of different materials. Suzhou Huatong Compound Materials Co., Ltd is one of the famous bus bar manufacturers in the line of copper bus bar, CCA bus bar, aluminum bus bar, etc since it is specialized in the research of high conductive materials and makes bus bars of very reliable and advanced performance.
Besides, the choice of bus bar also should be made by comparing its performance. One of the decisive performance factors is its current load. Since now the electricity consumption is on the rise, the bus bar has to bear even overload of current without causing any accident or failure. The bus bar should also be excellent in saving electricity via its transformation of voltage without causing any loss of the entire power.
Another important thing we need to consider is the environment where the bus bar is applied. Bus bars made of different materials or from different bus bar manufacturers are not supposed to be used in very poor environment. For the environment that has much higher requirement in anti corrosion, the bus bar should be enclosed with resin or other materials. Of course, when there is high rate of fire or then the bus bar works at very high temperature, we need to choose bus bar with very excellent fire proof materials.
Nevertheless, the choice of bus bar has a lot to do with the safe transmission and distribution of electricity to a lot of companies, households and other utility sectors. Besides, the competition in bus bar field also brings the general price of bus bar to a lower level. We need to consider more when we buy the bus bars.