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Selection of Electrical Bus Bar According to Ratio of Performance to Price 2013-11-22

The electrical bus bar has the advantages of large current bearing capacity, low voltage reduction, high safety performance, convenient maintenance, small size, fire resistance, etc. Therefore, it is used to substitute the traditional electrical cable in the construction sites, factories, commercial high rise buildings, public electricity instruments, etc. for meeting the requirements from large electrical consumption and stable electricity supply. Using the electrical bus bar provided by the bus bar manufacturers has been a development trend for its applications. Therefore, when the user chooses the bus bar, the user should pay attention to the ratio of performance and price of the bus bar.
The performance of the electrical bus bar includes its service life, stability, reliability, energy saving, etc. The service life of the electrical bus bar greatly determined the cost performance of the bus bar. Usually, the electrical bus bar cost is higher than that of the traditional cable and can save electricity due to the low voltage loss, but if it can not serve the electricity system for a long time, it is not cost effective. The Suzhou Huatong Company, a manufacturer specialized in manufacturing electrical bus bar, has the enterprise concept that the service life of the bus bar is the key to ensure the high performance-price ratio.
The stability and reliability of the electrical bus bar greatly influences the performance of the bus bar in the electricity distribution system because the places including the factories, construction sites, public electrical instruments, etc. require stable and reliable power supply. The places where large amount of electricity is consumed require the energy saving performance so as to reduce the cost on electricity. Besides, the price of the electrical bus bar is a factor that the user must pay attention to. There are different types of bus bars provided by the copper bus bar manufacturers and aluminum bus bar suppliers. These bus bars are at different prices because of different materials used for manufacturing the bus bar.
At present, the users pay attention to the performance-price ratio a lot. The copper bus bar has the best performance but is high in cost, but the aluminum bus bar is low in cost but weaker in performance. Fortunately, the copper bus bar manufacturers and the aluminum bus bar suppliers develop the copper-clad aluminum bus bar to reduce the cost and improve the performance. The users can choose the compound bus bar for their applications.