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The Bus Bar Has a Brilliant Future in the Power Industry 2014-01-17
We are living in a world of electricity. Especially in the cities, without electricity, we can do nothing. Although we can see in the market, there are many bus bar manufacturers such as the copper bus bar manufacturers, aluminum bus bar suppliers. Few people, if asked, could give you an exact answer what the bus bars are.
The bus bars refer to the electric power products made of the copper (copper platoon) or aluminum materials of high conductivity to transmit the electric power, having the collection and distribution of electric power. Or simply the total wires used by the power plant or substation to transmit the electricity. Through them, the power output of the generator, transformer or rectifier is transmitted to the individual users or other substation.
In power system, the bus bars connect each branch of current-carrying loop in the power distribution equipment together, playing the role of a collection, distribution, and transmitting power. According to the shape and structure, they can be roughly divided into three categories as follows: The hard bus bar: it includes the rectangle bus bar, circular bus bar, tubular bus bar, etc. The soft bus bar: it includes the aluminum stranded wire, copper stranded wire, steel core aluminum stranded wire and expanded hollow conductor, etc. The enclosed bus bar: it includes the total box bus bar, isolated phase bus bar, etc.
The bus bar uses the copper bar or aluminum bar, its current density is big, offering little resistance, skin effect is small, it can be used without reducing the capacity. The voltage is dropped, which also means that the energy consumption is small, eventually saves the user's investment. As for the cable, its core is multiple thin copper wires; its root area compared with the bus bar of the same current levels is larger. And its "skin effect" is serious, reducing the current rating, increasing the voltage drop, easy to heat. The energy loss of the line is big, aging easily.
Some advantages of its installation compared with cables: the bus bar is composed of many segments; each segment length is short and light. Therefore, when installing, it takes only a few people to complete quickly. Bus bar has a lot of standard parts and stock, can be quickly sold to save time for on-site work. Its close "sandwich" structure can reduce the electric space, so as to make more space for commercial purposes, such as rent or as a public place. But for the installation of cable, it is a difficult job. Because, single cable tends to be heavy, its installation work needs a lot of people's collaboration, taking more time to complete. In addition, under the control of the bending radius of cable, more space for installation is needed.
For the bus bar, its system extensions can be accomplished by adding or changing segments, having the high utilization rate. But in most cases, the cable cannot be reused, because of the length and the route is different, if you want to extend the system, you have to buy a new cable to replace the old one.
The bus bar has a brilliant future in the power industry.