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Introduction on the Classification and Characteristics of Busbar 2014-01-26
With the sustainable and vigorous development of Chinese economy, and the emergence of modern engineering facilities and equipments, as well as the increasing power consumption, the busbar in the domestic market would keep 20% growth in the future years. Confronted above demands, the basbar would develop rapidly and be widely used in electric power system. The buss bars can be divided into intensive insulated busbar, air insulated busbar, refractory busbar, and resin insulated busbar and slide type bus according to the structure and application.
It can also be divided into aluminium bus bar, steel busbar and copper clad aluminum busbar according to the material of the shell. The power bus bar can also be divided into copper bus duct and aluminium bus bar according to the conductor material, which is widely used in the connect between the transformer and power distribution cabinet as well as the power supply system which is made up by the trunk wiring mode from power distribution cabinet to the load.
In general, there are several units composed of the busbar system as follows. They are feeder copper bus or pluggable busbar line segment unit, import or export units connecting with transformer and power distribution cabinet, reversing unit and expansion unit. Compared with traditional cable, the busbar fully embodies its advantages in large current transmission.
At the same time, it can greatly reduce the contact resistance and temperature in the connection at both ends and wire inserting contact because it adopts the new technology and process. Besides, it also uses insulated material with high quality in the busbar system in a bid to upgrade the safety and reliability of the busbar. Therefore, the whole busbar system would be more perfect.
The characteristics of the busbar would be introduced briefly as follows. First, it has a series of supporting commodity production. Second, its volume is small, and its capacity is large. Third, it has short design and construction period. Fourth, it is convenient to install and dismantle. Fifth, it is reliable with long life. Therefore, it is widely used in the three-phase four wire of the power supply system with communication 50Hz, rated voltage 380V and rated current 250A~4000A. Besides, it is also applied in industrial plant, airport, dock, commercial and residential, shopping mall or high-tech environment. It is a kind of transmission and distribution products with low cost and high benefit.