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Bus duct, a potential product in industry 2014-02-14
Actually speaking, in the electricity transmission project, the bus duct has taken place of electric wire more and more. In foreign developed countries as well as China's Hong Kong and Macao, it has got popular too. In Guangzhou> and Guangdong provinces of our countries, it is supposed to apply the bus duct in public projects and hotel as well as office building. Bus duct has been the optimal choice for electricity transmission lines.

With the emerging of modern engineering facilities and equipments, the electricity consumption of all walks of life has been increasing sharply, especially as the emerging of high-rise buildings and large workshops, the traditional cable being as transmission conductor will not satisfy our demands, thus the parallel using of multiple cable has brought many inconvenience for site installation connection. In this case, the plug type bus duct has been born at the right moment being as the new distribution wire.

Compared with traditional electricity wire, it will give full expression to its superiority when in large current delivery. Meanwhile, due to adopting new technologies and new process, it has greatly reduced the contact resistance and temperature rising on both ends of bus duct joints and line mouth plugging. Besides, by adopting high quality insulating materials, the security and reliability of bus duct have been greatly improved, making the whole system more perfect, says the bus bar manufacturer.

There are many characteristics of power bus bar, such as complete series, commercial production, small size, large capacity and short design and construction period as well as convenient installation and safe and reliable along with long service life. The bus duct products are suitable for power distribution system engineering.

Enclosed busbar is a kind of bus system consisted of plate materials, conductive row, insulation and the attachment. It can make enclosed bus plug type with splice junction box every once in a distance, and the enclosed bus bar feeder type with no branch box in the middle. In the power supply system of high-rise buildings, the power and circuit are always settled separately. In insulation ways the bus duct can be divided into many kinds as air splicing bus duct, intensive insulation plug bus duct and high-strength splice plug bus duct. According to its structure and utilities, it can be divided into air insulation, additional air insulation and sliding contact type bus duct. According to canning materials, it can be divided into steel casing, aluminum alloy shell aluminium bus bar and so on.