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Why is the Bus Bar Popular With Us? 2014-02-21

As you know, in the electric power substation, not only we need some materials to connect all levels of voltage distribution device, but also we need some materials to connect the electrical equipment and the corresponding distribution device, by the way, the voltage transformer is a kind of electrical equipment. The one which can finish such kind of connecting for us is called bus bar. A lot of bus bar manufacturers make all kinds of bus bar for us. At the same time, bus bar material is also different from each other. However, most of us use certain shapes of bus bar. That is to say the shape of rectangular or circular is popular with us. As a result, we call the bare wire or strand with rectangular or circular cross section bus bar. As for the function of bus bar, we can draw a conclusion, that is to say the bus bar plays a role of collection, distribution and transmission of electricity.
In our electric power system, the bus bar connect all current carrying loop branches together. Of course, such kinds of current loop branches are from power distribution units. And the bus bar can collect, distribute and transmit the electrical energy.
Speaking of the characteristics of bus bar, because most of bus bars are made of copper row or aluminum row. we give the name aluminum bus bar or copper bus bar. Such kind of bus bar which is included aluminum bus bar and copper bus bar has some advantages. That is to say such bus bar has characteristics of high current density, small electric resistance and small skin effect. What’s more, it is unnecessary to reduce the capacity.
Generally speaking, if we reduce the electric voltage, the energy loss will also be decreased. In this way, at last we can save the investment from our customer. However, as for the electric cable, because the core of electric cable is made of multi strand copper wire, compared with the bus bar, if both of them are with the same level of the current, the root area will be needed more with electric cable than with bus bar. In addition, the electric cable will bring worse skin effect. As a result the electric cable will reduce the current rating and increase the voltage drop at the same time. What’s more the electric cable is easy to heat, and the energy loss of line is big. Besides, compared with bus bar, the electric cable is easier to aging.