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Several Indispensable Welding Machines 2014-03-14
During the welding electrode production line, how many types of equipment should be used? In order to produce a piece of excellent welding electrode, a variety of equipments are required. Now let's have a further look.

Derusting procedure

Before producing the welding electrode, one of the basic steps is to derust the steel wire. For instance, a wire wheel is a good device to derust steel wire. This step is a good start.

Equipments for core wire

For this part, equipments mainly involve straight line wire drawing machine as well as wire cutting machine. Under the effect of wire drawing machine and cutting machine, steel wires are made into welding wire with standard diameter, size, roundness as well as length.

A drawing machine is made up of drawing wheel, coiling apparatus, die and so on. With the help of traction offered by coiling wheel, thick steel wires become thinner with different specifications.

A cutting machine, typically made up of wire feeding system, cutting system, straightening system or transmission system, is designed for straightening and cutting the steel wire. Cutting machine operators must be good at operation. Otherwise, incorrect operation possibly results in a few faults such as curved wire.

Welding electrode coating machine

Coating process on the core wire helps shield the weld metal from being destroyed by oxygen or nitrogen of the air. Moreover, beneficial alloy element is successfully added into welding rod through coating. So, welding rod coating machine is needed. There are mainly two types can be used – screw and hydraulic coating machine.

Welding electrode baking

After being formed, drying machine is essential. Main purpose of using this dryer is to decrease water content in coating. For this part, welding electrode oven is usually used. As welding rods come in different types, operators should notice the right drying time and temperature. When it comes to the dryer, a number of dryers are available on the market, such as vacuum drying machine, infrared dryer, etc.

In addition to these machines that I have introduced, hydraulic extruder, barking machine or briquetting machine also can be found in welding rod production line.

If you can't control single arm crane properly, it's likely that your error will hurt other workers. Improper operation of welding electrode equipments not only hurts yourself, but also leads to low efficiency or even the production stagnation.

To sum up, just because of the need of numerous equipments, it's necessary to pay more attention to both operation and selection.