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The Production Process of Welding Electrodes 2014-03-28

When it comes to welding, we have to mention an indispensable tool called welding electrodes. Welding electrode is used to conduct electricity and heat in welding process. And also after melting, welding electrode forms welding seam with base metal together as liquid filler. This article will introduce you something about the production process of welding electrodes.


For most welders, using welding electrodes may be an easy thing. However, most of them are unfamiliar with the production process of welding electrodes, which is a great obstacle for them to improve their welding skills further. Generally speaking, there are two methods to produce welding electrodes: by hand and by welding electrode making machines. Actually, because of the fierce market competition, nowadays, most welding electrodes factories adopt welding electrode production line rather than by hand. The machines involved include: wire cutting machine, wire drawing machine, wire feeding machine, welding electrode baking oven, hydraulic extruder, welding electrode coating machine and so on. The machines available for welding electrodes factories are varied. There are so many types and so many functions in different levels of quality and price. Therefore, before purchase, a careful market research is needed.


As we know, welding electrodes consist two parts: core wire and welding electrode coating. So, as a matter of fact, the production process of welding electrodes is to coat the core wire with chemicals. The exact process of production depends on the specification and types of welding electrodes. However, the process can be generally divided into the following steps. The first step is the production of core wire. After removing oxide coating and rust outside, the raw material is drawn into wire by wire drawing machine and cut into short bars with specified length by wire cutting machine. In this step, the foreign matters, such as mill scale and rust, must be removed completely. Or else, these impurities will affect the quality of welding electrodes heavily, which may cause more blowholes and splashing. The second step is to prepare welding electrode coating materials. The water glass is usually purchased directly. The powders needed are mixed together well and then mix with the water glass. Whether the coating material is uniform or not affects the quality of the final products. Therefore, the factors, such as stirring time, stirring process and the way water glass adding into the powder, should all be under strict control. The third step is to paint the coating material on the surface of core wire. The last step is welding electrode baking to get rid of water in the welding electrode coating.


In a word, the production process of welding electrodes is very complicated involving many raw materials, machines and processes. Just due to this, the quality of welding electrodes on the market is uneven. Sometimes, a proper choice of welding electrodes is vital to the whole project.