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Elementary Knowledge about Welding Electrode 2014-04-04

When it comes to the welding electrode, it is a kind of metal strip that is to fill in the blanks of the welding workpiece's joint when conducting gas welding or electric welding. Generally speaking, it is made from welding electrode coating, welding electrode flux and raw welding electrode material. Usually, the welding material is the same with the material of work piece.

The two core pars of welding electrode are welding core and welding electrode coating. Different welding electrodes have different welding cores. In order to ensure the welding quality and performance, the metallic element in the welding core has strict rule, which is much stricter than parent metal. There are two basic functions of such a welding core. On one hand, it is used to transmit welding current and transfer the electric energy into heat energy. On the other hand, the smelted welding core can be used to fill the welding bead between metal and liquid base material. That is why the basic chemical component has direct effect on the quality of welding line.

Speaking of the welding electrode coating, it is a kind of coating applied to the surface of the welding core, which plays a role of mechanical protection, metallurgical treatment and improving processing property. The basic components of such a welding electrode coating include mineral, iron alloy, metal powder, organic matter and chemical product. During the welding course, there are five main functions of the welding electrode coating, which are improving the stability of electric arc combustion, protecting welding pool, making sure the deoxygenation of welding line, replenishing the alloying element for welding joint and boosting welding productivity as well as reducing spatter.

Then, how can we express the welding electrode? For example, the cast-iron welding electrode begins with capital letter “Z”; low-temperature steel welding electrode turns to “W Ni”; heat-resistant steel welding electrode is expressed as “R”; "GA” means chromium stainless steel welding electrode; “TS” means special welding electrode; “HL” means silver-based welding electrode; “HS” means gas welding electrode and “T” copper and copper alloy welding electrode.

In order to satisfy different application occasions, several types of welding electrodes are provided by welding electrode supplier, including constructional steel welding electrode, surfacing welding electrode, low alloy-content welding electrode, stainless steel welding electrode, oxidation welding electrode, acid welding electrode, alkalinity welding electrode and some others. With the fast development of welding technique, more and more high-quality welding electrodes will be produced in the near future.