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Influence of Electrode Materials on Welding 2014-04-18

Welding is an operation for jointing metal pieces together to form an electrical circuit. For the welding process, welding electrode material is indispensable and sometimes decides the welding quality. Usually, such factors as welding electrode raw material, operation level, properties of metals to be welded, etc may also have influence on the final welding quality. But, the welding material is the key factor in deciding the welding quality.


As for the welding electrode raw material, it mainly involves the welding electrode, welding wire, welding rod as well as welding flux. They all have different chemical properties and structure. Usually, the content of alloy elements and impurities in these welding materials needs to be well controlled. Some elements such as carbon is supposed to be able to elevate the hardness of the welding electrode yet manganese may have excellent deoxidizing function for getting rid of harmful materials. Each kind of element may have different functions. Some impurities such as sulfur can cause cracking when the metal is heated or welded at very high temperature. In this sense, the quality of welding material needs to be well controlled.


Then, it's known that every welding material needs to get dried or well stored before use since certain content of moisture may also incur cracking or porosity of the final welding electrode. For different welding materials, the baking time in the welding electrode oven is different, say, the E6010 welding electrode as alkaline type needs to be baked under the temperature of 300 degrees and usually the baking time lasts for one hour yet the E7010 welding electrode as acid type is supposed to be baked at 100 degrees for even longer time.


Since the welding electrode consists of core wire and welding electrode coating, the quality of the two parts also have influence on the welding product. Core wire, covered by coating outside is to conduct heat and to keep electric arc burning or form welding seam. As for the welding electrode coating, it can improve the mechanical properties of welding seaming and make the whole welding stable.


The welding core wire is usually made of low carbon steel, ally and stainless steel. For good quality of welding seam, the amount of every element must be well controlled. Usually, the welders choose the low carbon steel as the raw material of core wire because of its low and good plasticity. For even better performance of welding electrode material, some elements such as Mn may be added so as to improve the strength of core wire. For the welding electrode coating, its components are complex.