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Welding Electrodes Need to Be Well Stored & Dried Before Use 2014-06-05
Since the quality of welding electrode may exert direct influence on the final welding performance, the choice of welding electrode is critical during the welding electrode production line. During the welding process, the quality of electrode may be influenced by the moisture, thus there is a need to conduct proper drying or storage of the welding electrode. When the welding electrode has absorbed certain amount of moisture, its property may be worsened, which may easily result in defects such as crack, air hole, etc. Before the use of welding electrode, the drying of electrode in the welding electrode oven is recommended.


It's known that all types of welding electrodes need to be dried to the required level of dryness in the welding electrode drying oven before being taken out of the welding electrode factory for further application. After the welding electrode baking step, the moisture amount of the electrodes can be well controlled and avoid the problems of porosity inside the electrodes or cracking. Though there are different types of welding electrodes, they are all required to be dry before use even though some of them have very good property. Then let's have a further look at different welding electrodes and tips on their storage as well as drying operation.


The first type of electrode that is commonly used is low hydrogen welding electrode used for shielded metal arc welding. This kind of electrode is featured by very low hydrogen coatings and it is supposed to be kept dried. Otherwise, cracking resulted from hydrogen may appear. For avoiding any defects, the electrodes should be put in very sealed containers, immune to moisture until it is in need of use. When there is a need to open the container, the electrode needs to be put in a cabinet at above 250 degrees. Upon being put in the electrode baking oven, the temperature needs to be higher.


Another kind of electrode is non low hydrogen electrode for shielded metal arc welding. Such welding electrode includes E6010 and E7014 electrode. The electrodes must be well stored. But, unlike the low storage electrodes, such electrodes sometimes need certain amount of moisture in the coatings so as to well perform their function. The amount of moisture must be controlled well. Usually, the non low hydrogen welding electrodes can be put in opened contained yet at temperature of 100 degrees.


Nevertheless, most of the electrodes need to be well stored and dried before use. In this way, the welding electrodes can perform well.