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Advantages of Butt-welding Machine and Two Welding Processes 2014-06-19
Butt-welding machine is also known as the current welding or resistance welding machine. It is an indispensable part in the welding electrode production line. It uses the resistance of two workpieces contact surface to make two abutting metals contact surface instantaneous heating until they melt and fuse through instantaneous low voltage and high current; in order to achieve the purpose of welding two metals together. According to the working principle of the welding machine, butt welding process can be divided into two types of resistance welding and flash butt welding:
Resistance welding heats the end joint of rebar until it stays in the plastic state; cut off the power supply; and then heat again until it achieves a plastic connecting. This welding process is easy to produce the oxidation and slag in the joints. This process asks that the bar section should be flat and smooth. At the same time, during the process of welding, the power consumption is big; and it needs large power. Therefore, the resistance welding is rarely used.
The flash butt welding has extensive application. In principle, flash butt welding machine can weld metal materials which can be forged. Such as low carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals and alloys. The flash welding sectional area is large. It is widely used for welding various plates, pipe, solid parts and so on. It is an economy and high efficiency welding method.
Two kinds of welding technologies have respective characteristics. According to different welding ways, the butt-welding machine is divided into flash butt welding machine, steel bar butt welding machine and copper rod welding machine. Every welding machine all has the following advantages. Firstly, energy saving; secondly, it has low requirements for the power grid. Welding electrode manufacturing plant can only need 250KVA power grid. Thirdly, high welding precision; the welding electrode equipments adopt the programmable controller PLC and import stepper motor to control the flash process; this can accurately set the burnt quantity and speed. Fourthly, it has the automatic alignment function. This can ensure the space between the low ends of the tube column and two head ends are concordant. Fifthly, high welding efficiency; as the workpiece clamping adopts the double power cylinder, the reaction rate of the butt-welding machine is quicker than that of the hydraulic cylinder. Sixthly, the operation and repair services are convenient.
The above advantages determine that butt-welding machine has a bright development prospect.