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HT Copper clad Aluminum Bus Bar

HT Copper clad Aluminum Busbar is the new conductive material used for substituting traditional copper busbar. Owning excellent electronic conductivity and tensile strength, HT CCA busbar could greatly reduce the conductive material cost.
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Copper clad aluminum busbar is new-type energy-saving big current conductive material and is widely used in electrical equipment. To promote CCA busbar and regulate its quality, in June 2014, China Quality Certification Centre organized Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute, Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Academy, Tianjin Design & Research Institute of Electrical Drive, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Suzhou Huatong Compound Materials Co.,Ltd, Xiamen ABB Electric Control Equipment Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Siemens Electric Co.,Ltd and CHINT Group to study Implication Specification for Copper clad Aluminum Busbars Used in Low Voltage Electrical Equipment and get the result below in the end of 2014--Copper Busbars Replaced by CCA Busbars Specifications Table.

HT CCA Busbar Specifications

Copper clad aluminum busbars produced by Suzhou Huatong Compound Materials Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huabei Huatong Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huatong Company) adopt the process of thermal compound, horizontal and vertical tandem rolling, direct forming technique, dividing into 4 steps: blank die casting forming (or blank cold forming), heating, tandem rolling and surface treatment. The most critical processes influencing interface bonding of copper clad aluminum busbars are thermal compound and horizontal and vertical tandem rolling. Huatong Company determines blank forming process technique according to CCA busbars specifications and control the temperature and time of thermal compound, deformation parameters of horizontal (5) and vertical (4) tandem rolling by computer. Form uniform and continuous bonding layer at the interface of copper and aluminum, whose interface bonding strength shall reach above 35MPa. At present, Huatong Company has produced 390 different specifications of CCA Busbars with the width  30 -200mm, and the thickness 2.8- 20mm.

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